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It's time to BREAK the cycle

Our vision is to change a culture; to break the cycle of slavery by offering education and vocational training to precious people desperate for hope and a future.
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vocational training center

Our Vocational Training Center is located in Yeji on the shores of Lake Volta.  Yeji is known as the slave hub for Ghana.  Tailoring is currently being taught at our training center, but we have built a new facility that will offer both tailoring and catering.  The new programs will begin January of 2020.  When young adults are taught a valuable trade, they are able to provide a sustainable income for their families.  This reduces the risk of child trafficking and helps to stop child slavery through education.

Vocatonal Training Center
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primary school

Micah 68 Primary School 2020.jpg

The Micah 6:8 Project campus is expanding.  In October of 2019, we opened our first Primary School for children in preschool through level 6.  Many children in Yeji are unable to attend school because their families are not able to afford the school fees.  By opening the primary school, we are able to help break the cycle of slavery and poverty through education.  This gives many children hope in their future that they did not have before.  We began our feeding program this year, our students come to school hungry and that must stop so we are happy to be able to feed them a substantial meal daily. The construction of a new junior high is making great progress and should be done in a few months.  God continues to reveal His plans and provide the funds needed to carry them out!

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Jacob's Wells


Jacob's Wells is a non-profit organization under The Micah 6:8 Project. Jacob was a lively, vibrant young man who made his presence known everywhere he went. In June of 2017, he tragically passed away in a swimming accident. To honor his memory, Jacob’s Wells was established. His mother, Kim, is a longtime board member of The Micah 6:8 Project and has made many trips to Ghana. Jacob loved playing with and mentoring young kids, so it only seemed right that we build water wells in Ghana to bring life-sustaining water to villages full of children.


You may have never lost a child but you can do something to change the path of one through Jacob’s Wells.


You can help be a part of the project by donating to The Micah 6:8 Project and Jacob’s Wells. To date we have put in 15 clean water wells, 13 of them being Jacob's Wells.

Jacob's Well
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Mission teams

Every March, a mission team travels to Ghana with the Micah 6:8 Project.  The focus is different for each team.  Every other year a medical team provides primary care in Yeji.  Clinics are set up in the vocational school where patients receive desperately needed medical care including treatment for issues such as malaria, high blood pressure, fungal infections, etc.  Not only are their medical needs met, but they are each prayed over so that spiritual needs can also be met.  On the opposite years, non-medical teams meet a multitude of needs.  They have provided nutritional programs, painted schools, commissioned clean water wells, helped with clean up efforts, and provided ministry through children’s and adult programs.  The most recent mission team was focused on spreading the word of Jesus through music ministry, dramas, preaching, and prayer.  They were allowed to proclaim the name of Jesus at a prison and in schools including an Islam school with over 1000 students. 

We have recently began building the Mike Jones Memorial Medical Clinic adjacent to our school facility. We are excited to see what the Lord does with this clinic!


God is definitely moving in Ghana!

Mission Teams
2020 Medical Clinic.jpg
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