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Sponsor a Child.

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Osabutey Nana Yaw B7.jpg

Change the Life of a Child.


We are so blessed to have you join our family! 

Child Sponsorship is $35.00 a month and covers the child's tuition, books, uniforms, and school feeding costs. Your sponsorship will continue with your child until graduation. Each month Kim Williams will be drawing $35.00 from your account between the 5th and 10th of each month.  

If you have any questions concerning your sponsorship or need to make any changes, please call or text Kim Williams at 812-881-9087.

Again, we can’t begin to put into words how much your sponsorship means to us and the people of Yeji. You are empowering the people of Yeji with Education. THEY WILL BE THE CHANGE MAKERS! They will be the ones who teach others that there is hope for the future! 


God Bless, 

Christy Farhar


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B8 Osabutey Nana Yaw_edited.jpg

Class: B7

Nana is very committed to learning.

Billy Samuel B4.jpg

Class: 4

Billy is an extremely talented artist. He loves to show off his work. 




Benjamin loves math and creative arts. 

Fordjour Joel KG1.jpg

Class: KG 2

Joel is a sweet boy that has the best laugh!

B2 Markah Joseph_edited.jpg

Class: 1

Joseph is always smiling and such a happy boy.

B6 Sarah Buade.jpg

Class: B6

Sarah is a confident student with a lot of determination. 

B2 Peprah Edinah_edited.jpg

Class: B2

Edina always has a smile on her face and is very attentive.

B5 Erica Mater_edited.jpg

Class: 5

Erica is a shy girl. She loves to learn.  

B2 Nsebor Yaa Mary.jpg

Class: B2

Mary is a shy girl that loves to learn and color. 

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