Sponsor a Child.


Change the Life of a Child.


We are so blessed to have you join our family! 

Child Sponsorship is $35.00 a month and covers the child's tuition, books, uniforms, and school feeding costs. Your sponsorship will continue with your child until graduation. Each month Kim Williams will be drawing $35.00 from your account between the 5th and 10th of each month.  

If you have any questions concerning your sponsorship or need to make any changes, please call or text Kim Williams at 812-881-9087.

Again, we can’t begin to put into words how much your sponsorship means to us and the people of Yeji. You are empowering the people of Yeji with Education. THEY WILL BE THE CHANGE MAKERS! They will be the ones who teach others that there is hope for the future! 


God Bless, 

Christy Farhar



Class: KG1

Abdul is a sweet well behaved boy! 

Class: 2

Nasir is a funny boy who loves soccer.



Alberta loves to learn and help in the classroom.

Class: 1

Claudia is a very smart girl that loves to draw.

Class: 3

Look at that sweet smile. YOU could be the one to make sure he stays in school.

Class: 5

David is a natural leader and always willing to help.

Class: 4

Stephen is a very bright, polite boy!

Class: 4

Pamela is such respectful girl, she loves to be of help in class. 

Class: 6

Magdaline is a sweet girl who is excited to learn!